Throwback Monday – Because I Just Did

Whilst I get that it’s de rigeur for my Instagram feed to be jammed up with pessimistic, Monday related wisdoms every time a new week rolls around, I decided to cut the shit and celebrate some of the most high end tracks of my time. I’m not saying I was necessarily slut dropping or ‘twerking’ (that’s not exactly a new move is it?) to all of these tunes when they first hit the scene, but what I am saying is that why would I wait until Thursday to celebrate them? Anything that was featured on the soundtrack to Honey or Save the Last Dance is de facto a winner so let’s get reacquainted with some of the greatest throw backs of all timeof all time.

Ginuwine – In Those Jeans

Imma begin with Ginuwine. Have you ever seen this video? The guy is hands down the greatest dancer of all time because what’s better than non ironic jazz hands alongside a solid RnB vocal? Any song with repeated use of the word ‘scrumptuous’, that’s what.

Aaliyah – Rock the boat

Oh Aaliyah. How you make me want to wear 90’s make up, tie dye pedal pushers and baker-boy hats on the beach. I’m sure many of you will feel that ‘Try Again’ is more of a classic (with an excellent array of leathers, may I add) but for me, Rock the Boat is one of the 90’s most beautiful songs. Who else could make rolling around in the surf so tasteful?

LL Cool J – Hush

That outfit, that finger-press-to-mouth move – hell, even the album cover is exemplary. You’ve got to respect Cool James, not only for adding ‘Ladies Love’ as a suffix to his name but also for his stellar ability to pull hot birds in the record store. Before he’s even shaken the proprietor’s hand, his love interest is all ‘Hush’, grinding around in a wet-look bomber. Who can blame her? Making an afternoon in the vinyl shop, unawares you’ll later be rolling around in a Rolls Royce is absolutely nothing to be sniffed at.

Ray J – One Wish

Wow, where to begin. Not only is the bro that made Kim Kardashian famous, Ray J is also the kind of guy who will happily wear wrap-around shades in the rain at nightand why the hell not? Whilst I am going to have to commend the chap on his 8 pack, I’m pretty sure that pulling up one’s t-shirt isn’t the best way to demonstrate your angst. But I hope he found what he was looking for nonetheless – Kimmy K certainly did.

MC Neat – Little Bit of Luck

Man, whatever happened to Garage? It’s like basslines appeared and killed it off. This isn’t an ode to Garage past, this is merely an appreciation of early mirror effects and how good this song (still) is. I know the video isn’t exactly clear, but I’m definitely not disputing narratives when a DJ is jokes enough to pull this one out the bag.

112 – Peaches and Cream

Daren, Mike, Q and the S, the L, the I, the M made quite the impression during my early teens. Reminiscent of the times I would lie to my parents about seeing Lord of The Rings (do you know how many unsupervised hours that trilogy afforded me?) to drink WKD at my friend’s house (she had the cool mum). I’m not saying it’s the greatest song ever written, but when you’re 14 and holding court in your Juicy Couture tracksuit, you definitely feel pretty special. I’m glad I didn’t realise the significance of Peaches and Cream until quite some time later, though because I’m pretty sure it would have cheapened the fun.

Jadakiss – J-A-D-A

Oh right, so we’ve all forgotten how bad ass Jessica Alba once was. Perhaps it’s all of her summer scarves and rigorous hair up do’s that have tricked me into thinking she’s a little beige, but I’m wrong. Back in 2003, Jess was dancing up a storm with Missy Elliot, Blaque and Jadakiss in a film that was so good, I even tried to make the word ‘flava’ happenexcept it didn’t. Another one bites the dust, I guess.

Are we in Africa? Because i‘m pretty sure this is Tune-isa.

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