The Good Life Eatery – Healthy Eats and Gluten-Free Treats

It seems as though London, despite all of it’s health conscious and foodie inhabitants, really lacks what New York and L.A have in abundance. Stateside, every neighbourhood has a hip and healthy cafe – in London there’s barely a kale leaf in sight. I have long yearned for somewhere to pick up a proper juice or kick back with a healthy salad after a workout. Today, I had the pleasure of attending the soft opening of Good Life Eatery. A cafe and deli dedicated to nourishing the stomach and soul in achingly slick surroundings. It’s all exposed brick, glossy wood and shimmering state-of-the-art health hardware, manned by a crew of incredibly good looking waiters and waitresses.

My friend Yasmine Larizadeh and her business partner Shirin Kouros are the two gorgeous girls behind the joint. They meticulously sourced every ingredient from the grass-fed meats to the sustainable coffee, so that the patron consumes only the most ethical and high quality products available. Indeed, chefs from as far afield as Michelin-starred Mugaritz were consulted in the creative process. The current chef, who prior to Good Life was the sous-chef at Nopi, has devised a vibrant menu, including delights such as spicy beef salad with marinated kale or a wheat free ‘Sunset Club’. We sampled (or rather demolished) some of the gluten free treats, which I merrily washed down with a ‘Mumbai Chai’, a matcha latte made with almond milk – everyone knows soya milk sucks. I mean, why would I want a side of oestrogen with my cappuccino?

Here’s a look at what Good Life has to offer.

Cold pressed juices like grapefruit with manuka honey or coconut and hemp with their cute tie-dye jackets on. All juices are made on sight in this shimmering hydraulic juicer (below). Cold pressed juices have tons more health benefits than their traditional counterpart as the process does not use heat inducing spinning blades. What this means, is that the fruit doesn’t oxidise and retains far more of its nutrients. Read more here.

Homemade strawberry preserves and nut butters with gluten free bread and Good Life’s special milk jam.


Spicy grass-fed beef salad with baby corn, roasted peppers, pickled beets and marinated kale.


Wheat-free ‘Sunset Club’.


Asian prawn salad.


The Good Life salad with walnuts, lentils, sweet potato, kale and tahini dressing.


‘Rodeo Salad’.


Good Life vegan Creole cakes – chocolate mud cake, mango muffins, banana bread and a ginger and fig loaf cake. Yummmm!


Gluten-free treats.


Get tropical with some fresh coconuts and a stripy straw.


Gluten-free carrot and green tea cupcakes with a gluten-free brownie.


Blended almond milk matcha latte. A milkshake for healthy people!


It’s not just the quality of food, which will keep me coming back, but its also the infectiously healthy vibe. The lovely staff exude it and the the founders certainly know it. Simply put, it is an approach to life that’s happy, laid back and just really bloody cool. To be honest, I dig anywhere I can have a side of happiness with my kale, but it’s Good Life’s young and enthusiastic flavour, that makes it impossible to resist.

Meet Yas – one of the foxy founders.


 Thanks a latte Good Life x

Good Life Eatery

59 Sloane Avenue


Follow them on Twitter @goodlifeeatery

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