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I have never quite understood the concept of the ‘romantic meal’. It seems to me that sugar and all of his high calorie, three course meal friends are good for nothing, bloat inducing pests. For me, there is nothing more depressing then knowing you’ve over done it especially when the prospect of steaming brown rice and broccoli for a few days of respite is very bleak indeed. In this instance, I feel it is always best to call in the professionals. After the stress of exams, two long haul flights and an operation I put myself in the expert hands of The Detox Kitchen who’s delicious vegetarian meals left me feeling clean, glowing and full of beans.

Every day started with slices of lemon or mint in hot water, physillium husk and some natural detox enhancing supplements then either a fresh juice or my personal favourite, porridge with vanilla rice milk. For lunch I might enjoy a brown rice, red cabbage and avocado salad followed by a Sri Lankan curry for dinner and snack on strawberries with raw cocoa or nuts and goji berries throughout the day. Another huge benefit of the detox is that it really gives you a good sense of sensible portion sizes with breakfast being larger than i’d normally eat and dinner being considerably smaller. I am also very grateful to TDK for introducing me to the LOVE tea by Pukka containing lavender, chamomile and roses on which I am now completely hooked. The lovely founder, Lily was in touch regularly to monitor how I felt and offer support and information about the daily menus. For anyone not interested in going all Natalie Portman for the week, a protein package is available which will include fish and shellfish into your plan. 


The Detox Kitchen is without a doubt the chicest and tastiest home delivery service available and is extremely reasonably priced considering it’s food you actually look forward to eating. The best part is that at the end of the week I felt lighter, clearer headed and had lost 2.5kg with absolutely no effort at all. If you feel like your body needs some TLC but can’t bear the idea of being miserable and hungry for days then I cannot recommend this strongly enough. I promise that in a matter of days you’ll be going from ‘HELL NO‘ to GORGEOUS GLOW.



From £29.99 per day






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