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Those of us in Britain have been teased with little glimpses of summer over the past few weeks but unfortunately, the fleeting sunshine always manages to catch us off guard. There’s no way i’m down with getting the denim cut off’s out one day when twenty-four hours before I was hiding my mottled thighs underneath a pair of black tights. This is the time of year not only to be planning trips and weekends away but to be thinking about dusting off your summer wardrobe and facing up to the inevitable unveiling of post winter flesh. There’s nothing more shudder-some than the thought of stripping down to your bikini whilst resembling a piece of mozzarella. Whilst I can’t make sure you’ve waxed your legs every time the sun shines, I have found a way to ensure wobbly bums and thighs aren’t invited for Pimms.

Say hello to Leandro Carvalho, the man responsible for some of the world’s best  ass. Alessandra Ambrosio trains with him intensively before Victoria Secret shows but more importantly, I as a lay person without supermodel genes can vouch for his effectiveness.

I know, workout DVD’s are usually the pits but I also know that many of us just don’t have the time or desire to pound away at a treadmill thrice weekly. The BBLW is split into 20-30 minute sessions so you can pick and choose depending on your schedule. Whilst his prime focus is on lifting and toning your rear, the main thirty minute workout is a high tempo, full body blast and boy will you sweat. Plies, burpees, scissor lunges and squats – basically anything that’s jiggle busting, Leandro knows whats up. There’s also a separate section devoted to abs as well as a 15 minute speedy version of the entire thing if you find you are really pushed for time. Do this three times a week, cut down on processed food and alcohol (I know..) and I reckon you’ll see huge changes in the first week.
I really believe that looking good has nothing to do with your weight but everything to do with how healthy and comfortable you are in your own skin. That said, it’s much easier to enjoy your well deserved holiday when you’re prepared. The Brazil Butt Lift Workout is perfect if you think your rear view could benefit from a little extra boom-boom-pow and, let’s be honest, who better than the Brazilians to turn to for help? Just ask Alessandra…

Buy the Brazil Butt Lift Workout here and find extra tips and information here.
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