London’s Best Food Delivery

When i’m hanging like a bad weave, I like to be waited on hand and foot. Whilst cups of tea and hair stroking are welcome, all I really want after a wanton weekend is  a Kardashian marathon and a chow down. Every restaurant and his dog offers a takeaway these days but a self-indulgent Saturday requires handmaiden-worthy service. For those of you who say “hell no” to calzone collecting, here’s a round up of the best London deliveries.


Firezza - I should preface this by saying that I don’t really like pizza. What the hell right? Perhaps it was all the assault-on-the-senses Dominos I got overly familiar with as a chubby teenager, but Firezza is different. It’s thin, crispy, and a mammoth foot long. I’m a fan of the Salsiccia because it’s covered in spicy sausage and mozzarella. Did I mention they’re a foot long? If anything is going to obliterate a hangover or broken heart, it’s the holy grail of meat, bread and cheese.


Cacciari’s – This authentic Italian joint serves up the best Piadina’s in town. Piadina’s are essentially Italian quesadilla’s. Say “hasta luego” to mystery meat drowned in cheese whizz and say “buona sera” to prosciotto, rocket and mozzarella. Their meat and pasta is also worth a try although i’m not sure how well it travels.

Tel: 020 7052 9046

Riccardo’s – I LOVE this restaurant and I love Riccardo for knowing that wheat isn’t always our friend. The spelt pizza’s are by far the best in town and there are rice and corn pasta options for the gluten-free Vongole fans amongst us. Best of all, they deliver. Pricey though.




Ukai - Ukai offers a good range of sushi, ramen and salads at reasonable prices. Everyone knows Itsu sucks so this is my go to alternative when I want something a fraction healthier.


Mori - As long as you don’t order sushi, Mori is one of my favourite Sunday night dinners. The hot options are genuinely delicious (if a little sweet) and the portions are enormous. The best things to order are Japanese curry, miso marinated salmon and vegetarian dumpling and noodle soup. Add a little chilli oil and you’ll sweat all of last nights bad choices in no time. But seriously, stay AWAY from the sushi.


Xiong Mao – Okay, as Chinese deliveries go, this is the least offensive by a long way. I’ve flirted with some of the stir fries and dim sum on occasion and it’s always been pretty delightful. I’d love to see a Chinese that doesn’t use MSG (this includes you Mr Chows) but for now, if i’m craving a good spicy crispy beef, Xiong Mao are my boys.




Chosen Bun – Awesome packaging, alcoholic milkshakes (hair of the dog?) and breaded macaroni cheese balls. As if I need to explain myself further. Get the ‘Shoveman’ obviously.



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