Fruveju Cleanse – Juice Worth the Squeeze

Festive kilos can creep on us like a Prius in a Wholefoods car park – silent, annoying, unexpected. With winter making an entrance in it’s usual undignified manner, it’s easy to turn our backs on the healthy lifestyles we acquire over the summer. As if bidding adieu to the sun wasn’t depressing enough, the days get shorter and our self control perishes at the merest whiff of a heated carb. I don’t care what anyone says about black being forgiving, tis’ NOT the season to be at the mercy of gingerbread lattes and TV dinners…so listen up.

I’m certainly not suggesting you don’t indulge in a christmas canape or twenty but seeing in the new year with a slew of unrealistic body goals ahead of you is just plain depressing.  I realise that a juice detox isn’t everyone’s cup of eggnog at the best of times but it can actually be a very empowering experience when you’re struck with a case of the winter blues. Say hello to Fruveju, the very chic new kids-on-the-block of raw and organic juicing.


After I completed my three day beginners cleanse with Fruveju, I felt clearer minded and lighter than I had in months. Not only did I lose 2.5kg, my mysterious case of adult acne had all but vanished. Fruveju uses a hydraulic cold press juicer meaning they don’t use heat-forming blades which deplete many of the important vitamins and enzymes in the fruit and vegetables. This means that you’re fed an intense shot of nutrients to detox your body more effectively and keep hunger under control (more or less). I found the flavour combinations to be the most interesting and delicious of any cleanses i’ve done in the past – highlights such as beetroot and pineapple or watermelon and lime were a genuine delight. My favourite cashew milk flavoured with vanilla, cinammon and coconut nectar was thick and sweet enough to fool my little brother into drinking and I could happily consume the green juice without publicly heaving. Sure, you’ll feel shitty and act like a diva/divo for a couple of days but arm yourself with a myriad of decaf herbal teas and you’ll discover very quickly that the juice is definitely worth the squeeze.
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