Bang Tidy Whilst you Travel

I’m really sorry ladies and gentlemen, but unless you’re a direct descendant of Aphrodite or Adonis (hate you) you’re not going to be a honed hunk/hunny if you don’t put the effort in. Working out twice or more a week is not only important for keeping your ass in check, it’s also really important for your general health. I’m talking about both body and mind here so whether you’re playing a sport you’re into, hitting the gym or walking to and from work a few times a week, something is always better than nothing. Since moving to Dubai and leaving my usual gym routine behind, I was left with a skipping rope and a treadmill to keep the dream alive. Thanks but no thanks.

Luckily help was hand. My friend Livvi introduced me to Cassey Ho, the absolute babe behind the wildly successful fitness and health website – Blogilates. A huge series of YouTube videos are compiled into monthly workout calendars with each day focusing on a different body area. Being incredibly arrogant about how ‘fit’ I am, I thought this would be easy. Well it isn’t – this chick is hardcore. Cassey co-ordinates the videos to pop music; the result being the perfect balance of cardio and traditional Pilates inspired workouts so you’ll sweat whilst also lengthening and toning. I’m semi-obsessed with Cassey. She’s as upbeat as they come but it’s strangely unannoying and her genuine enthusiasm totally distracts you from the outrageous burn you’ll endure after four minutes of squatting to ‘Call me Maybe’. Mantra’s like ‘eat clean, train dirty’ are classic but totally make sense and she’s even launched a line of slogan bootie shorts. Unreal style. I’m really into the Victoria Secrets workout videos – the Gangnam Style dance tracks not so much but only because I have the co-ordination of a rollerblading giraffe.

So next time you go away and you’re all like “but there’s no gym”….think about it the Cassey way: ‘You can be sore today or sorry tomorrow’.

More of Cassey’s Real Talk 

‘Train like a beast, look like a beauty.’

‘Train insane or remain the same.’

‘Eat clean, train dirty.’

‘Abs are made in the gym and revealed in the kitchen.’

‘Never throw in the towel. Use it to wipe off the sweat and keep on going.’

‘Fitness is like marriage. You can’t cheat on it and still expect it to work.’

‘Eat meticulously, train ridiculously.’

‘Sore today, strong tomorrow.’

That’s all xx


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