Plenish Three Day Cleanse

Feeling bloated? Feeling blue? Too much pasta got you down? Pull yourself together and give your body (and your self) a break. Whilst I really don’t agree with beating yourself up about a kilo here and there, I know that a week of pizza and prosecco can not only wreak havoc on your liver, but can also knock the sass right out of you. I came back from Italy sporting what I liked to refer to as ‘Tuscan tummy’ although it was essentially just savage bloating, bloating that could only have been salvaged by bringing in the big guns, Plenish Cleanse.

Plenish are the best juice detox delivery available, period. Cheap it certainly ain’t (cleanses start at £240 for three days) but it’s a price worth paying when you’re getting the highest quality products available. Their juices are raw and cold pressed which means they don’t use heat forming blades that kill off much of the beneficial nutrients and enzymes. You can choose from three levels which vary in intensity. I did level 2 (clarity) and my boyfriend chose level 3 (purity). I didn’t struggle with hunger at all, it was more breaking the unhealthy habit of not eating when your culturally conditioned to do so. Cleansing forces you to listen to your body, something that has been lost with the invention of meal times. The one litre juices are actually delicious, highlights included the mid-morning pineapple with mint as well as the spicy lemonade with red chilli’s.

For many, the idea of fasting for three days or more can be a little daunting, especially if you lead an active life. I’ve read a lot of scientific literature that supports abstaining from food for a short time, claiming it can reap enormous health benefits in the long run. Doctors say that one of the major reasons that more people are getting sick is due to our waning immune systems. One of the big incentives of fasting is an enhanced immune system that will keep you from illness and disease.

For those who are interested, here comes the scientific part:

A lot of the delicious food we eat, namely meat, dairy and sugar are acid forming, causing the immune system to weaken. Since we are 70% water, it’s very important we keep our internal fluids pH neutral. When more acid accumlates than our elimination sytems can handle, our cells start to drown in acid waste and our bodies begin to slowly decay from the inside out. We get ill and have low energy, we suffer from aches and pains, don’t sleep well and have poor brain function. Fortunately this is reversible simply by changing your pH levels from acidic to alkaline so if you’re big on steak, cocktails and ice cream, you could probably benefit from a quarterly cleanse.

Whilst on the cleanse I chose to drink a lot of non caffeine herbal tea. The best ones are Love by Pukka and Tummy Tonic by Tea Pigs. If you’re an English Breakfast drinker than switch to Roobios by Yogi Teas, it’s a tasty alternative and full of antioxidants.

Since completing the cleanse i’m astounded at how much more in tune with my bodies needs I am than ever before. I haven’t felt the urge to eat when i’m not hungry and i’ve cut down on a lot of sugar and meat without consciously trying to do so. If you’re planning on doing a post holiday juice fast, seek the help of the professionals and choose Plenish. You will feel lighter, clearer headed and amazed at your own strength. Whilst fasting is about boosting your overall health and not about shedding the lbs, it’s an obvious and often welcome side effect. Expect three pounds or more on top of a killer jawline and a flat stomach.

Having a ball with the spicy lemonade.

Happy cleansing. x


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